• Question: how much money do u earn in your job

    Asked by 635green25 to Munga, Mary, Loice, George, George, Diana on 29 May 2019.
    • Photo: Mary Kaniu

      Mary Kaniu answered on 29 May 2019: last edited 29 May 2019 8:06 am

      Salaries are dependent on the level of education and experience and vary a lot .

      For example a person who has just finished university may earn less than a person who has say a masters or a PHD .It will also be different for a person who has say 1 year of experience compared to a person with 10 years /20 years of experience and for the different types of work done .In addition, the salary will also depend on the type of work you do . Different types of employees have different salaries and this is dependent on something called a scheme of service that takes into account education background, experience and the type of work that you do . The salary can range from as low as 20,000 per month to as high as upto 1,000,000 Kenya shillings but all this is dependent on your level of education, experience, and the type of work that you do.

    • Photo: Munga Mwachiro

      Munga Mwachiro answered on 29 May 2019:

      Enough to sustain a livelihood however being happy everyday at what I do is the best compensation i cherish the most.