• Question: Does DNA relate to blood groups and what is its acronym

    Asked by 663green29 to Munga, Mary, Loice, George, George, Diana on 30 May 2019.
    • Photo: Diana Nyabundi

      Diana Nyabundi answered on 30 May 2019:

      Antigens expressed on the surface of the red blood cells constitute what we know as blood groups. The most common being the ABO grouping. The presence or absence of these antigens is determined by certain genes which is described as a region of DNA.

    • Photo: George Serem

      George Serem answered on 22 Oct 2019:

      hey, So DNA is like a blueprint, its like a command or an instruction that when you were formed in your mothers womb it tells the cells, let it has abrown color or dark skin, or let them be tall,have dark hair, have a short nose, such things, its like a plan that makes who we are physically.

      Half of your DNA is from your dad and the other half from mum. for blood group you borrow from both parents as well each contributing half of the combination.