• Question: my sister uses skin lightening lotions.she is black but now looks brown. are there side effects on using these lotions

    Asked by 635green25 to Munga, Mary on 29 May 2019.
    • Photo: Mary Kaniu

      Mary Kaniu answered on 29 May 2019:

      Skin lightening creams contain various compounds including mercury , steroids and hydroquinone.

      These compounds have various side effects(harmful effects ) including itchy skin, burning or tingling sensation ,kidney and liver damage , abnormalities in a new born baby (if used during pregnancy).

      Mercury is especially harmful as it may cause sleeplessness, headaches , abnormal sensations , muscle twitches , shaking , weakness , weakening of muscles, reduced cognitive functions, kidney problems and may even cause neurological problems in an unborn children.

      It would be advisable to not use skin lightening creams