• Question: what makes the mammalian appendix to be useless in the digestive system

    Asked by 635green25 to Munga, Mary, Loice, George, George, Diana on 2 Jun 2019.
    • Photo: George Makau

      George Makau answered on 2 Jun 2019:

      The mammalian appendix has long been considered of no use! It isn’t considered useless anymore. The appendix serves as a haven for useful bacteria when illness flushes those bacteria from the rest of the intestines. This proposal is based on an understanding that emerged by the early 2000s of how the immune system supports the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria, in combination with many well-known features of the appendix, including its architecture, its location just below the normal one-way flow of food and germs in the large intestine, and its association with copious amounts of immune tissue.”